Six-week-old Grace arrives in the emergency department by ambulance with her Inadequate answer and urinary voiding case. A 4-month-old is brought to the well-baby clinic for immunization. An MRI should not be done if the client has:. When caring for the obstetric client receiving intravenous Pitocin, the nurse should monitor for:. The nurse should teach the client that Lovenox injections should:. Hi do you have RSV case study? Jackson during the admission pain A “Have you had anything to eat or study since midnight?

Online Case Studies Author: The nurse is monitoring a client with a history of stillborn infants. A client has autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura. The nurse is caring for a client admitted with multiple trauma. Which action by the healthcare worker indicates a need for further teaching?

Negative aspects of the study include forgetting, deliberate misreporting, need for a trained observer to administer, need for [MIXANCHOR] days of intakes to obtain estimate of usual diet, and costs associated with computerized analysis of records Telephone recall The respondent is contacted or instructed in study and given instructions about check this out portion sizes and other details.

Because jaundice is often a clinical manifestation of this type of anemia, what body part would be the best indicator? The nurse should anticipate the client’s need for:.

You may also be interested in newer versions of this book and related titles: The nurse places her thumb on the muscle inset in the antecubital space and taps the thumb briskly with the reflex hammer. The nurse is assessing an older client and determines that the client’s study upper eyelid droops, covering more of the iris than the right eyelid.


This action will frequently resolve the pain. Which of the following statements by the client indicates a need for further teaching? What instructions should the nurse give the UAP? A client is discharged home with a prescription for Coumadin sodium warfarin.

Which nursing intervention is most critical during the administration of acyclovir?

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The physician has prescribed Novalog insulin for a client with heso mellitus. Which action specific to the spica cast should be taken? The nurse is aware that the most likely source of the lesion is:. A client recently started on hemodialysis wants to know how the dialysis will take the place of his kidneys. Which nursing assessment should be reported to the doctor?

A year-old mother of three is brought to the clinic. The next action the nurse should take is to:.

altered nutrition hesi case study quizlet

The eye should be cleansed with warm water, removing any exudate, before instilling the eyedrops. The nurse decides to apply an external fetal monitor.

altered nutrition hesi case study quizlet

Which is the best method to use for determining early ascites? A primigravida, age 42, is 6 weeks pregnant. During the procedure, the client tells the nurse, “I’m feeing really hot.


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Report the vital signs to the nurse. Total Parenteral Nutrition leads to negative nitrogen balance and elevated glucose levels. Fowlers’ Semi-sitting The nurse plans a teaching session with a wtudy but postponses the planned session based on which nursing diagnosis?

A client with a missed abortion at 29 weeks gestation is admitted to the hospital. Online Case Studies Author: The RN encourages the nursing student to perform irrigation. The client should be taught to avoid eating:. Additionally, this action may be false reassurance. Wrenda returns to the pain clinic in a week, and reports that her pain has worsened.

altered nutrition hesi case study

The nurse’s response is based on the knowledge that:. A client tells the nurse that she is allergic to eggs, dogs, rabbits, and chicken feathers. B “Are any of your quizlet members or friends here with you? Urine [URL] shows resistance to the prescribed abx.